Be sure to have these documents ready…

Front view of a two car garage two story house

  • A plot plan or survey of the house and land (if readily available)List of any personal property to be sold with the home
  • Home inspection reports, or other recent reports for termites, roofing, HVAC, septic systems and wells
  • A list of major home improvements and upgrades, the date of their installation and their costs
  • Floorplans and/or blueprints for new construction projects preferably with dimensions
  • If the property is in a community with a property manager, the name, e-mail and number of the manager
  • Information on any Homeowners Association covenants and fees
  • A list of “Proposed” improvements if the property is to be appraised “As Complete”

Once your appraiser has arrived, you do not need to accompany them along on the entire site inspection, but you should be available to answer questions about your property and be willing to point out any home improvements.

Front view of a modern houseKeep these things in mind…

  • Accessibility: Make sure that all areas of the home are accessible. Please notify your appraiser is getting to the house may be difficult, for example, if heavy rain has turned your yard to deep mud
  • Housekeeping: Appraisers see hundreds of homes a year and will look past everyday clutter
  • Maintenance: Repair minor things like leaky faucets and missing door handles
  • Pets: Please secure pets, so they do not scratch the appraiser’s vehicle or jump on the appraiser

If the appraisal is for an FHA loan product…

  • Be sure that there are working smoke detectors on all levels of the house
  • Be sure that all utilities — hot water, electricity, gas, and sewage — are on and operating